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Play 'n Shapes Habitat Rocket Ship

Play 'n Shapes Habitat Rocket Ship


Keep little critters happy and busy by providing interest in their enclosure.


Made in the USA and safe to chew, completely nontoxic.

Not only do these habitat enhancers help prevent bar/cage chewing, it will help keep their teeth from becoming too long.

The mini obstacle course is sure to provide hours of fun for pets. This fun shape allows small animals to Nibble, Climb & Hide throughout the different size holes, the perfect place for small critters (animals) to hideout or burrow under.


Tiny measures approx. 3” D x 7.2" W x 3.5” H

Medium measures approx. 4” D x 9.5” W x 5.6” H


***Note, this shape is packaged for small animals so it does not include catnip.

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