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We're passionate about bringing beautiful, quality products to your pet...and giving back.

​Our Passion


We love our dogs as much as you love your own.  They add so much love and laughter to our lives.  Pawsatively Sweet was born out of a desire to not only give our dogs wholesome and healthy treats but also to give back to our community rescues and shelters.

​Our Vision


We feel very strongly about giving back to our community shelters and rescues.  Not only do part of our proceeds go back to community rescues and shelters, but we volunteer our time and efforts with local rescues and other events. Become involved and give back!  Please contact us if you are interested in making a difference.

​Our Philosophy


We bake fresh dog treats to order in our own oven.  We use only pet approved, 100% human quality ingredients without additives or preservatives.  Our treats are handmade in small batches to control quality.  We use a wide variety of flours in our treats, such as oat, rice and barley, but never wheat, corn or soy. 


Muffins and most treats are soft baked and are suitable for senior dogs or highly active dogs.  All of the ingredients in our treats are essential or beneficial to your dog's health. Because our treats are made with fresh natural ingredients with no harsh preservatives, we recommend storing them in your refrigerator. Treats can also be frozen for long term storage. 


If your dog has food allergies, we can also bake special diet treats.  E-mail us and we can customize a treat just for you!

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