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Kissable Dog Instant Fresh Breath Foam

Kissable Dog Instant Fresh Breath Foam

Instantly freshens breath, fights plaque build-up and promotes excellent oral hygiene!
* No brushing required
* Freshens even the worst dog breath
* Helps improve oral cleanliness
* Has antibacterial and deodorizing properties
* Helps fight plaque build-up
* All Natural
* Made in the USA
* Economical- almost 2x breath freshening value over national leading brand

This all natural breath foamer combines the deodorizing powers of baking soda and peppermint with the anti-bacterial power of aloe vera. All promote excellent oral cleanliness which results in fresher breath and a more Kissable dog!

Brushing Not Required!
The sweet-tasting minty foam immediately adheres to teeth to gently clean, sanitize and loosen plaque build-up WITHOUT USING A TOOTHBRUSH!

Oral hygiene is the most difficult aspect of grooming. It's out of sight out of mind until the teeth change colors, the gums become red and the breath toxic. And so many dog owners struggle with this aspect of grooming simply because dog's hate it and put up a fight!
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