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Etta Says! Crunchy Chews

Etta Says! Crunchy Chews

All natural chews made right here in the USA.  

Treats are 100% additives, no artificial fillers, coloring or preservatives.

These crunchy chews are yummy, so make sure get plenty of em’. Jump, twirl, sit pretty, roll-over, or whatever silly trick they want you to do. Just get that treat!!!! Tell your human that this treat will clean your teeth and help your gums.

a unique mixture of rawhide and meat formed into a tasty chewable treat. The palatability of these chews ranks high with dogs as a highly sought after treat. They are safer than rawhide due to a proprietary manufacturing process and made from wholesome American Rabbit, Duck and Venison! These delicious treats have no odor, don't stain the carpet, and are easy on the stomach!

Each chew is 7".
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