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Dog Gamez! Ying Yang Yum

Dog Gamez! Ying Yang Yum

Kyjen offers a wide variety of traditional and not-so-traditional treat hiding plastic puzzles. Some have spinners or sliders; others have hidden chambers that require multiple steps to solve. Puzzle difficulty varies ensuring that challenges can be tailored to suit dogs of any size, IQ, or disposition. Each puzzle game requires a different strategy to solve, offering several modes of stimulation. Playing multiple games on a regular basis is highly recommended. It’s circuit training for the canine mind – dogs benefit, you profit!

Being the symbol of natural harmony, the Yin Yang makes the perfect shape for our new Dog Games® Puzzle Toy. Designed to encourage dogs’ hunting and foraging drives, the Yin-Yang-Yum brings canines into natural harmony with their own instincts. Each removable cup hides a large treat compartment. Removing the cups allows the “yin” and “yang” to rotate outward, revealing four additional treat chambers. In order to retrieve the food, dogs must use their sense of smell, their problem-solving skills, and their digging and foraging abilities.
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