Dog Games Paw Hide Mini

The Paw Hide Mini brings treat seeking fun to puppies and small breed dogs. Curious canines learn to retrieve the hidden treats by pawing and nuzzling at the treat-hiding cups. It's a fun, healthy way to keep dogs busy and engaged. 

Key Benefits
*Teaches step-by-step problem solving
*Treat hiding puzzle
*Inspires natural foraging fun
*Features multiple treat-hiding chambers
*Made with shatter-proof plastic BPA & Phtalate free
* Perfect for teaching the basics of eat-on-command obedience and problem-solving.

Start by demonstrating how to lift and manipulate the 6 treat-hiding cups. Next, hide bits of treat in each of the treat chambers, and encourage your dog to seek them out. By pawing and nuzzling at the treat hiding cups, your pup will quickly learn to retrieve the hidden treats.

To increase the challenge, hide treats in only one or two cups at a time.

Size: 8" H x 8" W x 2" L